How much is your health worth to you?  The movement methodology of equipment-based Pilates is not one that can easily afford to be discounted. There are very few uniquely accredited movement systems in Pilates (classical, contemporary or hybrid) that are respected and applauded in the Pilates community.  These methods require intense training programs with a rigorous curriculum in order for instructors to be certified to teach the method.
Also remember, at our Pilates Studios, we don’t pack you in!  Instead, we take a maximum of four or five people per semi-private session.
So, here’s a shortlist of why with Pilates, like most things in life, you get what you pay for:
  1. Your instructors had to study and practice — A LOT. They wanted this accredited certification not just for themselves, but also for you. They wanted to learn the “why” behind how our bodies move. They craved to know how they could make a real difference in your body goals, your pain-management levels, and your soulful mindset, and they wanted to learn how to meticulously build on your continued strength for years to come. These instructors put in the time, a.k.a., hundreds of hours, multiple-night sessions, months (and sometimes years) of sacrificed weekends. They made multiple connections with community-wide mentors to continue their learning. They know all your top local physical therapist and chiropractor referrals and, in a lot of cases, they paid for this schooling on their own, and probably while working a separate full-time career. An accredited school of pilates is recognised world wide, and is not just a UK popup training centre.
  2. The equipment is legitimately expensive. A low-end Pilates reformer costs anything from £500 at the lowest and at the high end, like our equipment, it goes up to £6500 per V2 Max machine.  Plus our fuse ladders run around £2000 each and the GYROTONIC tower is a special piece of kit which is carved. Just think about what a chic, stylish and edgy new studio spent on all of their brand-new equipment so you could experience hundreds of unique moves on these intensely versatile machines.
  3. When you pay a little bit more for your Pilates class, you know your instructor is being compensated fairly for their expertise. Again, becoming an accredited and nationally certified Pilates instructor doesn’t happen over a few weekends. This is a surprisingly serious ordeal that many potential instructors are not willing or able to take on due to the lengthy timeline and outrageous amount of studying. Unlike other popular fitness methods that often compete with classical/contemporary Pilates methods, these instructors didn’t get their kickass teaching allocations from a quick “weekend warrior” instructor workshop. It required thorough and repeated examinations and copious hours of anatomy training, and these instructors made a real sacrifice to learn the defined choreography, smart and precise modifications, principles of movement, ranges of motion and complete anatomical compliance. So, at the end of the day, Pilates instructors require and deserve their hard-earned pay in the fitness industry to get it RIGHT time and time again with YOUR amazing body. This is not something you want a cut-rate instructor for. This is your health and your body.
  4. Teachers with commercial studios (not run from your own home) have large overhead expenses including rent, business rates, gas, electric and software, to name a few.  Having the best does not come at a cheap price!
So, why commit to Pilates? What’s in it for you?
Well, as we said above, this is about your health, your body, and your mind. Here are a few reasons why Pilates might just be the training you need in your life, and why you might find it’s well worth the higher price tag:
  1. You have chronic pain or a past injury, or you just want to be able to move pain-free.
  2. Breath-work is the essence of health and the foundation of life; learn it correctly and you will fly.
  3. You have some urgent body goals… you know, intensely time-bound, beautifully wild and highly demanding hot-bod-now goals.
  4. Oh, wait…. and you ALSO want to gain equal results in strength, flexibility, performance, and productive mindfulness.
  5. You’re looking to workout with multiple friends, with all different fitness levels, while taking the EXACT same class.
  6. You want custom private sessions.
  7. You want custom group sessions.
  8. You want custom upside-down sessions.
  9. You realise you have only one human body to experience this life with; one shot to continue to Boom this body to its best and most glorious potential.
  10. After all these years, you just want to have some FUN while working out, and you love the idea of being connected to a kind of movement that is life-changing inside and out.