Seven Day Home Running Programme

//Seven Day Home Running Programme

Seven Day Home Running Programme


Do you want a quick maintenance programme that you can do at home daily, without leaving the house? Perhaps you want to work on rehab, flexibility, balance, core strength, posture & better DOMS recovery. This is the course for you.

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Course title: Seven Day Home Running Programme

Running is a sport of passion; Why else would we torture our bodies with miles of punishment every day?

Running injuries are an unfortunate, but all too common, occurrence. The most common injuries occur in the lower limbs (calves, ankles, Achilles tendon) and lower back.

These problems occur due to poor technique, uneven surfaces, muscles overuse, excessive training or incorrect footwear. Running along on hard surfaces can in time, cause muscle strain and damage to The joints. The Yoga Anatomy ‘Seven Day Home Running Programme’ aims specifically to give Running Stretches, help strengthen the lower back, reducing pressure caused by constant jarring on the spine during a run, and provide a Pilates & Yoga Running Training Programme.

Course Duration: 80 minutes.

The course is divided into 7 lessons:

1. Feet
2. Compression & traction
3. Primal patterns
4. Elasticity and balance
5. Yoga
6. Yoga
7. Pilates