Fast Food McDonalds Pilates & Yoga

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Fast Food McDonalds Pilates & Yoga

It seems that everyone around us is selling us fast products with fast results to keep up with our busy lifestyles. We are being sold ideologies of the perfect life, body, garden, house, car, family, job. We seem to to feed on an endless line of stimulants from coffee, constant high intensity exercises, sugar, sports drinks, prescriptive drugs and alcohol to keep us going. Our consumption is in fact destroying our environment.


The stimulants we have are cramming two days of our life into one. According to Daoist philosophy we have so many heartbeats in our lifetime. Buddhists and Yogis say we have so many breaths in our lifetime. Looking like the pictures below does not neccerily mean healthy. I am not selling six packs which restrict the diaphragm, cause shallow breathing, making us more sympathetic dominate and bring more strain and stress into the neck and shoulder area. Superficial will only attract superficial, we see it all the time around us in everyday life and at work. I am selling a lifestyle and am responsible to educate and give the public the truth.
Healthy means balance and creating what we want in our life, rather than what you don’t want. “Are you running for your life or from your life?” Its like driving a car on the road, if we stay on course we have what’s called homeostasis which is functional balance, if we steer off the road and into the ditch we have what’s called allostasis which is a stressful event and can be conscious or unconscious .


When we bring awareness to the body through the Yin qualities which are nutrition, hydration and sleep and the yang qualities which are breathing, thinking and movement, we then have the ability to know where we are going and how we are going to get there.


The result is effective productivity, creativity, experience are rich and developmental. We now have new CHEK coaching and Summer sizzler Pilates programs which are sold in 3, 6 and 12 months in order to get results.

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About the Author:

Nisha is a certified Chek practitioner and holistic lifestyle coach.Her journey started when a visiting Laban teacher introduced her to Pilates at Dance College during her first year. It's effects were forgotten but she then re discovered Pilates through Michael King eleven years later whilst running her dance school. Her background spans over 25 years with formal training in classical ballet, modern dance, tap, national choreography, stage production and theatre. Her formation includes Pilates, Thai bodywork, Yoga, GYROTONIC, GYROKINESIS and anatomical studies. Her particular interest is fascia, and the connective lines and movement patterns that allow a full moving structure rather than the isolation of bones and muscles. Her fascination with questioning the traditions of modern medicine and fascination with searching for meaningful answers has taken her in many different directions and has offered her an abundance of opportunities gaining a wealth of knowledge. “I tried many movement modalities and extended my search after experiencing fascia, because of its simplicity in movement. Quickly, I noticed my own body changing as well as the bodies of my own clients. In the last 25 years of teaching I’ve developed a workout unique to Yoga Anatomy". Throughout her studies Nisha has done numerous dissections with Julian Baker and Cery Davies and has the opportunity to take lectures and courses from Robert Schleip, Joanne Avisons, Tom Myers, Matt Wallden, Emma Lane, Gary Carter, Paul Chek, Dan Hellman, Peter Blackaby, James de Silva plus many many more Nishas teaching method promotes reflective self-discovery and provides the requirements to integrate a shift in consciousness for attaining individual goals. She maintains that an attitude of compassion, consistency and joyous humor are excellent components to growth and expanded potential. She welcomes all level of movers from the beginner to the seasoned athlete who have a desire to increase their skill potential, also teachers and students. Her specialties include assisting post rehabilitative individuals, injury prevention for dancers and athletes and advanced movement programs.