What do I mean by this quote “Everyone wants to change but no one wants to be changed”. You know yourself if you say to your partner, children, friends or colleagues at work something you feel they could improve on or give advice, very rarely will that person listen. We sometimes have to learn from our mistakes and by making the sub-optimal choice.  Read my choices article. This is actually a journey of growth and discovery and will enable us to move forward or stay in the same victim role that we constantly play. Read my victim article. 


Anyone who has intentions of change has most likely discovered making lasting change is very hard. It’s usually our own internal fears that hold us back from change. “Better the devil you know than the devil you dont know”. It’s, therefore, easier to stay in poor habitual patterns or lifestyle habits that don’t serve or help us. In order to achieve change that are some key things that will help us.

  1. Having a dream – As psychiatrist Jerry Wesch said: “If you have a big enough dream, you don’t need a crisis”. I could not agree more. The truth of the matter is that anyone who is frightened of change is likely to experience one crisis after another whether it being an ongoing pain in the body or disaster after disaster in their work and private life. As Henry Ford said, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you all always get what you’ve always gotten”. Or as Elbert Einstein said,
  2. ” You can’t solve the problem with the same thinking that caused it”.


Anything that we are afraid of is only an idea in our head. We can only be hurt if we let people hurt us. When we have no compass bearing it’s easy to get lost in ourselves. Identifying a dream bigger than you is necessary for identifying and overcoming the fear of change.

2. Start with your body. Our body is the best medicine and has innate wisdom. We are a collection of trillions of cells and every cell needs:

  • Safety/shelter
  • Food/warmth
  • Water
  • Breath

Intelligence and the right decisions and choices actually come from firstly a healthy balanced body and secondly from the mind. Finally, we grow into the intelligence of the heart for intuition. I know from doing cadaver the heart is intuitive and receptive. The fear of the mind is rooted in the brain and biology which is essential for the existence of ideas. When the body is unbalanced for any reason the entire organism works together to correct the condition. Any threat to the cells will generate a fighting response in us usually better food, water, temperature regulation and the need to breathe and move better.


When we want to change we should always love and nourish the body. Many clients are surprised that their body starts to heal and pain disappears just by following the six basic principles. Once we are nourished we can let go of past addictive habits.


Quote from Warren Williams Chek Faculty: “Everyone wants to change but no one wants to be changed”.

Paul Chek

PPS Mastery