There is no such thing as a bad medicine, exercise or asana…

There is no such thing as a bad exercise, medication or asana, but there is such a thing as a badly prescribed exercise, medication or asana.  I hear it all the time: cross fit is bad for you, yoga is bad for you, pilates is bad for you, XYZ medication is bad for you. Firstly, [...]

Five of the mistakes I’ve made as a pilates/yoga teacher so far:

So I speak from experience here as i've had over 30 years in the fitness and dance business; 25 of those years were as a pilates/yoga teacher, and just under 20 years of those were owning commercial studios. Here are just five of the many mistakes that i've learnt from over the years. I now [...]

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Does isolation exist in the body?

When we look at traditional anatomy books, pictures or images, we are seeing someones interpretation of what's important to them after dissecting, so they take charge of what's worth cutting away and what's worth keeping. All anatomy images when placed on exercises or marketed in movement/treatment are merely a perception of the authors view of [...]

Connective tissue turnover & eccentric training

Can you really achieve healing and postural results on the body during a small period of time? Medical studies tell us that a minimum of twelve weeks is required to achieve effective recovery and tissue adaptation. All our studios offer twelve week courses, any less than this and the client will not achieve long term benefits [...]

Bauhaus architecture & it’s relation to movement

Form follows function - In bodies & buildings This December I came across the architectural design of 'Bauhaus' in Tel Aviv. The Bauhaus, a German word meaning "house of building", was a school founded in 1919 in Weimar, Germany by architect Walter Gropius. The Bauhaus was the most influential modernist art school of the 20th century, [...]

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Finding Balance in life with Yin & Yang forces

Finding balance in life with Yin & Yang forces In this fast pace of life and work finding balance seems sometimes out of reach. But is it really impossible? When a person's mission, vision and dreams are aligned, mutual harmony is felt and that person can live pain free with safety and security. We have all [...]

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Why did Joe, Iyengar & Julio use equipment?

Equipment with clients - is it right? Do we need it? Below is a thought provoking question submitted to our studio from an interested party. We have two fully equipped Pilates, GYROTONIC ® and Yoga studios and do have lots of props as well as mat sessions only.  Interested client: "My concern is twofold, 1) [...]

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Back pain – Is prolapsed disc the cause? Part 1

Back Pain - "The truth behind bulging discs"  I get so many enquiries every week about clients wanting to start pilates and yoga for back pain. Social media and the national press have done studios and teachers a great favour by promoting lots of articles. However there are a few important facts. People are forever [...]

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How should Yoga, Pilates & academic subjects actually be taught?

As an adult learner, do you understand your learning type? If I was given a second chance to go to school again, I would not choose the normal sit in front of  a blackboard for X number of hours a day. I would've have chosen a more creative and cognitive space such as a Montessori [...]

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Could stress, core and your tight pants be linked ?

As we head into Summer at my studio clinics, enquiries for Pilates, GYROTONIC, Yoga and CHEK coaching always go through the roof. Summer has always been the busiest month of the year for me. The warm weather makes us shed our clothes and draws our attention to our exposed sun bodies. The most common enquiry [...]

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