Are you hungry, yo-yo dieting and tired all the time?

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Most of us are overweight, yet are nutritionally deficient. Thanks to processed and junk food manufacturers and the media, most people don't understand that they are gaining weight because they are eating incorrectly and usually too much or too little. When we are tired most of us will use pick me ups such as sugar, [...]

Buddahs second arrow

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Have you heard about Buddhas second arrow? There is something philosophical in the phase 'unlucky in life'. It can feel like the world is against us with one thing happening after the other: a parking ticket, a flat tyre, a job loss, a break up, a cancelled flight, an illness, a bereavement........and so on. There [...]

Looking positively on the emotion Sadness

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The immortal poet and writer of  human condition, the Lebanese American Kahil Gilbran once wrote; “The deeper that sorrow carves in your being, the more joy you can contain". There is a truth, sadness shapes the contours of our soul, and our mental character in a fundamental way. Just as an engraver uses force to [...]

Emotions, the good, the bad and the ugly

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Why are emotions so powerful? What are they? They not only effect the way we react, but they effect the way we breathe, the way we move, our posture and they form the shape of our connective tissues. Many people have a hard time feeling their emotions, or even consciously generating positive ones. This is why [...]

What diets and swollen bellies are telling you

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Have you ever wondered how many diets there are? There are literally thousands- everything from green tea, banana diet, to keto, cabbage soup, paleo, slimfast, herbal life and lactose vegetarian. I am always overwhelmed about the amount of people off social media promoting diets, but the truth is one size does not fit all. We [...]

Is your food feeding your pain?

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Are you eating the Standard Westeren Diet of Carbohydrates, Refined Sugars, drinks, Additives and Preservatives? So you're in pain, this can be anything from physical, mental and emotional. Functional medicine now tells us that even depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, joint pain, dementia is all linked to our gut microbiome and food.  90% of serotonin is [...]

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln

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Dr. James Wanless is known for his alternative views of the tarot and life. He has studied Jungian archetypes and behaviour in great depth. Although I am a sceptic on the average tarot reader and crystal ball reader. I certainly changed my mind when I heard the amazing interview with James and Paul Chek. I [...]

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‘Knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is power’

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What if I told you that you could have limitless energy, robust immune system, strong muscles, bones and a fully functioning organs. You would also have a more positive outlook on life, be emotionally stable and have a sharp mind. By building your health on these solid foundation principles, you will look better, feel good [...]

“90% of stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by spinal movement”

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Nobel Prize recipient Dr. Roger Sperry says that the spine is the motor that drives the brain. According to his research “90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by the movement of the spine.” Only 10% of our brain’s energy goes into thinking, metabolism, immunity, and healing. Dr.Roger Sperry demonstrated that [...]