A different approach to pain in adult development

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If you are suffering from chronic pain in the neck, shoulder, hip or lower back, there's a bigger picture than just doing a few simple exercises to rehabilitate - whether it be functional movement, pilates or yoga. A proper assessment rather than guess work tells a thousand stories. Everything is connected and related in the [...]

The man who knows all can learn nothing…

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We are filled with fear, anger, confusion and most importantly hope at this time in life. I am going to tell you a story about two men, Louis Pasteur and Antoine Beauchamp's and their relevance to where we are today. These are strange times and the same conflict that was upon these two men in [...]

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasures you seek” – Joseph Campbell

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What holds most of us back from changing our body, our views and belief systems, recovering from illness, changing relationships with the self and others or getting rid of disease and pain? Joseph Campbell was a professor of comparative mythology and religion. His book: 'The hero with a thousand faces' was credited to the movie [...]

The fat cells of 42 – 57 year old females

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So I am approaching 50 and my body is changing all the time. One size does not fit all. It's a myth that pilates or any other kind of exercise makes you slim. Flat abdominals always start in the kitchen. Everyone is different and this is why consultations are so important. We need to access [...]

To mask or not to mask- that is the question???

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So I returned to the shops at the weekend to be greeted by hand sanitiser in every shop entrance. Now firstly I am not against hand sanitiser. We have to look at both sides of the argument and also at our belief system ( I actually have hand sanitiser readily available in each studio, but [...]

Our behaviour, immune system & the gut

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According to Hippocrates, the father of medicine, “All disease begins in the gut.”  2,500 years later and he has been proven to be right! Each time I  am stopped by a charity worker raising money for alzeimers, cancer, depression, parkinson, autism and many more . I always ask them if they have heard of [...]

Bruce Lee: “Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.”

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We are more likely to learn in life, school, work and relationships by the mistakes we make rather than the positive outcomes. Admitting to any sort of mistake or misdemeanour that takes great courage. Most of us wiggle our way out and play the child, victim, saboteur or prostitute archetype (survival archetypes). This is not [...]

‘Life is an illusion’ – Buddha

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Reality in Buddhism is called dharma (Sanskrit). The problem is that so much of reality is driven by fear. "Life is an illusion a dream; a bubble; a shadow... Nothing is permanent. Nothing is worthy of anger or dispute. Nothing..." ~ The Buddha. Every choice we make in life has a consequence. Doahsim tells us that [...]

Therapists – “Don’t hide your light under a bushel”

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If you hide your light under a bushel, you keep your abilities or good qualities hidden from other people. Whether you're a movement or manual therapist now is the time to shine than ever before. Your services are much needed as the world begins to re-open and resume business. You are a key worker, whether you [...]

The hip, jaw, gut & immune system connection

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Scientists and body workers alike agree there is a definite jaw and hip connection. This is what it's important to assess the body holistically, looking away from the pain to other areas of the body.   The alignment of the jaw can strongly be mirrored or opposed in the pelvis and vice versa. Embryology shows [...]