Uncle Fester, angry liver & my dark eye circles

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As many of therapist colleagues continue to over work, there is something they all have in common - "Dark rings or racoon eyes"- aka Uncle fester , The Munsters.  I've seen many a physio and also close family relatives and friends with this condition.  It's is especially common in the asian community and is always [...]

The rescuer archetype

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Some people seem called to help others, often from very early on in their childhoods, responding to the needs of family members, strangers, or animals with a selflessness that is impressive. Often, these people appear to have very few needs of their own, and the focus of their lives is on rescuing, helping, and healing [...]

Sibo’s top ten christmas survival tips

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What on earth is Sibo i thought? On a recent GIT  (Gastro intestinal tract) this word came up. It sounded like a U.F.O was invading my intestines. Sibo stands for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Most of us have it but ignore the symptoms until they become a disease or illness. As you know i have [...]

Your gut, organs and back pain – the missing link.

By | November 3rd, 2017|back pain, connective tissue recovery, Emotional Experience, gut, Immune system, pain, stress, sugar, tired|

I've just returned from another two amazing courses on gut health and how the organs, emotions and the body's connective tissues including bones, muscles, ligaments are all neurally connected both way. In my 25 years plus of teaching experience I have found that exercise, pilates, yoga, and movement will really help some clients with back pain. [...]

Help my child has Autism!

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Autism is on the rise, so many parents and colleagues are telling me that their child has Autism. EVERY one of us is on the autistic spectrum: We all experience key symptoms 'just to varying degrees'. Genetic risk for autism exists in every person, new study has revealed Suggests those diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorders [...]

IBS & the depression link – Part 2

By | October 30th, 2017|connective tissue recovery, connective tissue repair, gut, Immune system, stress, sugar, tired|

You've heard me say: "Stinking poops, stinking thoughts!". What do I mean by this? Did you know that the brain and gut develop from the same part of the human embryo and therefore share many nerve endings and chemical transmitters? This explains why GIT (Gastro, intestinal tract) symptoms result from emotional stimulants. Nearly every chemical that [...]

Depression & the fungus link

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When researching the figures for 2017 on depression in the UK. The Office for National statistics could not provide specific statistics, however, the charity 'MIND' was more helpful. Nowhere in my research could I find education on the gut-brain and its key link to depression. As BBC 'Doctor in the house' pioneer Dr.Chattergee pioneers to [...]

Holly Willoughby’s Pilates routine & the spot reduction myth

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Over the last few weeks, my phone has not stopped going. Holly Willoughby has lost an incredible lot of weight and allegedly owes it all to Pilates reformer apparatus and mat with Pilates guru teacher Lynne Robinson.  Lynne is the celebrity teacher to the stars including Elizabeth Hurley and Sophie Dahl. Mother of three Holly [...]

Do you have cereal or toast for breakfast?

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The idea that we need to eat carbs (cereal grains and bread in particular) for breakfast is merely a “programmed idea” that has been put into people’s heads by food manufacturing corporations that have spent literally billions of dollars to “condition” people to think they should eat that way to be healthy. As our work-life [...]

Immune disorders are on the rise

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Fact - 60% of immune system is in the gut According to AARDA ( Auto-immune disease statistics), there are presently 50 million Americans with an Autoimmune Disease.The British society of immunology tells us: Autoimmune conditions are a significant cause of ill health in the UK.  They say that "Treatment for autoimmune conditions typically involves managing the [...]