Virtual Pilates, Joe & influenza

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So we are all still in lockdown and isolation. I continue to bring the Manchester and St.Helens community together with my virtual daily pilates classes. The body is not designed to be stagnant - it is designed to move. With mental health and stress on the increase, more than ever, now is the time to [...]

‘Everything changes in a blink of an eye’ – Buddha

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There is no greater opportunity than now to look at the part you choose to play in the greater world. Of course no one likes change or hardship of any sort. Buddhism teaches us that change is good and suffering is necessary. We all want everything to be easy and to feel no pain in [...]

Five reflections from the Corona Virus

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1.Non-Judgement - Many of us have come to realise that some of our ideas actually create separation and segregation from those who we love and care about and to heal we must alter our language and expression.  We need to observe staying in the moment rather than having fear take over, connecting with each other [...]

Virus -It’s not about the germ, its about the terrain (immune system)

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Our immune system or terrain is everything and anything. Our internal terrain not only effects our health but our behaviours, emotions and choices too. One of the ways to lower the immune system is through the  'F.E.A.R' (false evidence appearing real). When we are fearful our immune system is suppressed, thus making way for pain, [...]

Five anatomy myths that Pilates and Yoga teachers make

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So I speak from experience here as i’ve had over 30 years in the fitness and dance business; 25 of those years were as a pilates/yoga teacher, and just under 20 years of those were owning commercial studios. Here are five of the many anatomy myths that i’ve encountered over the years. I now offer [...]

Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens – Carl Jung

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We are stimulated by external knowledge and information constantly. As commented by the American psychiatrist Edward Hallowell, “never in human history, our brains had to process so much information as today. We have now a generation of people who spend many hours in front of a computer monitor or a cell phone and who are so [...]

Five of the mistakes I’ve made as a pilates/yoga teacher so far:

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So I speak from experience here as i've had over 30 years in the fitness and dance business; 25 of those years were as a pilates/yoga teacher, and just under 20 years of those were owning commercial studios. Here are just five of the many mistakes that i've learnt from over the years. I now [...]

Does isolation exist in the body?

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When we look at traditional anatomy books, pictures or images, we are seeing someones interpretation of what's important to them after dissecting, so they take charge of what's worth cutting away and what's worth keeping. All anatomy images when placed on exercises or marketed in movement/treatment are merely a perception of the authors view of [...]

Being your true own authentic self

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Very few of us feel comfortable being our authentic self because we don’t see ourselves as remarkable. We don’t realize that our authenticity is the one thing (more than anything) that makes us unique. As Shakespeare said in his play Hamlet paraphrasing: "Be true to thou self otherwise thou cannot trust another man”. There [...]

‘Shoot for the moon as even if you miss you will fall among the stars’

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If you’re suffering from pain, long term illness or disease, chances are you need a new way of seeing things – that is, you need a paradigm shift. This could get you back to being pain free, healthy, feeling happy and not chronically inflamed. It’s usually fear that holds us back (False, Evidence, Appearing, Real) [...]