The effects of gossip and negative words on ourselves and others

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You may of noticed that I have put Don Miguel Ruiz 'The four Amendments' up at both St.Helens and Manchester studios. When we complain about our lot in life, speak anxiously or use hateful words, we usually do so from a place of fear. So, the first step that you need to take in order [...]

‘You will not be punished for your anger, you will by punished your anger’

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Have you heard the terms 'Green with envy', 'Angry liver'.  Anger and frustration are key emotions connected to the liver. Feelings of anger plague us all the time. We are all capable of flying off the handle, saying things we didn't mean or doing things out of character. Our real emotions lie below the surface [...]

Part 2 – The power of words

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"What we say is what we become". I am being very careful with my words at present in emails and social media. You may not get the response you want but I also want to make you think and take responsibility for the self.  George Bernard Shaw said, "People are always blaming their circumstances for what [...]

Why posture, discs and creep are connected

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Creep is not about halloween, pumpkins and goblins. 'Creep' refers to the progressive deformation of bodily structures, which occur when the structures are under a constant load that they were not designed to handle. It's a neuromuscular response to static positions. If you have sat at a desk all day, had a long plane journey [...]

How your sleep can effect pain, weight, health & healing

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As life becomes busier and we are exposed to the ability of natural day light, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. It becomes more challenging to get a good nights sleep. Our body is still tuned to the natural rhythm of daily and seasonal light/dark cycles. People will tell me that they [...]

Feet & grounding – Part 2

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"In all animals and humans, a single cell is the building block for constructing the body and and a self centred  template for the whole." Surgeon Nial Galloway As they multiply self self organising cells pack themselves together in tissues. Powerful forces are constantly at work multiplying one cell to become two, then two to [...]

Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.

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We truly want to succeed but may be afraid, so we subconsciously create circumstances to keep ourselves stuck. Everyone is always telling me that they don't have time to take class, shop for good food, get on the weight loss program, sort out their back, knee, hip pain etc change their diet and lifestyle. Did [...]

Bare feet – Are these disappearing? Part 1

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You may of seen me wearing these mad chicken type shoes in class. They are vibram five fingers . I have not seen many people wearing them. We are all sold trainers constantly by the media. We are shown the benefits of wearing so many of these shock absorbing shoes, usually sponsored medical papers by [...]

Heart shaped bottom syndrome & a bloating belly

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Is this you? Upon waking your belly may be flat but by the end of the day it's bloated and enormous? You may also be suffering form flatulence and smelly poops. It's a very British thing that we don't want to talk about our bottoms and also do not want to be touched there in [...]

Rehab for cancer- Part 2

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"The influence of psychosocial factors on the development and progression of cancer has been a longstanding hypothesis since ancient times. In fact, epidemiological and clinical studies over the past 30 years have provided strong evidence for links between chronic stress, depression and social isolation and cancer progression. By contrast, there is only limited evidence for [...]