Are you unstoppable???

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Do you feel you are star gazing and not making progress in your life, work, relationships or body? Are you comparing yourself to others instead of focusing on your daily actions, core values, dreams and goals? Life is like a train pulling all the carriages. The train engine starts slow down the track and then [...]

Eliminating bad habits

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“Success is hastened or delayed by one’s habits. It is not your passing inspirations or brilliant ideas so much as your everyday mental habits that control your life.” Paramahansa Yogananda We are 100% committed to our habits whether they are good or bad. Clients come to me to improve back pain, lose weight, improve their lifestyle, [...]

14 Inspirational musings from a ginger chocolate lady

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This week I have been greatly inspired by a lady called Jo Fairley. She spoke for the ‘Business and IP’ Liverpool region at Sefton palm house. I did not recognise who she was when she entered the palm house, but complimented her on those funky shoes (as you can see in the picture). The green [...]

Should we be stretching, releasing, pandiculating or strengthening the hip flexors?

By |2023-02-23T09:00:55+00:00February 23rd, 2023|accepting change, anatomy, back pain, life, love, thinking, Thoughts|

Firstly nothing works in isolation. A muscle can only exist is someone has cut it out and then put then labelled them origin and insertion. All muscles, organs and emotions are part of a full holistic bio emotional profile. However if we want to look at  a muscle in isolation, the hip flexors are the [...]

As the words of Belinda Carlisle’s song goes : ‘Heaven is a place on Earth’.

By |2023-02-19T11:06:56+00:00February 19th, 2023|accepting change, anxiety, Depression, Embodied Emotion, Emotional Experience, Inspiration, love, mind, psychology|

As the words of Belinda Carlisle’s song goes : ‘Heaven is a place on Earth’. This week I had an amazing opportunity to teach Belinda Carlisle face to face whilst on her UK tour. I feel Pilates is an essential tool for all of us, as this can be used in many different ways. For [...]

Why Gratitude and love are still the greatest healers.

By |2023-02-12T18:43:10+00:00February 12th, 2023|accepting change, anger, anxiety, Flexibility, impact, life, love, mind, Peace, Philsophy, psychology, stress, tired, transformation|

My question today : “Is illness (physical, mental, emotionally and spiritually) acting as a feedback loop, to let us know we are not perceiving both sides of the events in our life”? We all have an intrinsic capacity to heal. I have a thirst for understanding the healing process and what it involves. Everything in [...]

“Your results are an expression of your level of awareness”- Bob Proctor.

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We all have values, priorities and what is important to us in life. When we do something we love, we have energy, vitality and we are engaged. When we do something low priority, we feel overwhelmed and drained, as we feel what we are doing is not important to us or has little value. How [...]

Champion league results require champion league action

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Whether you are a professional footballer, Joe Bloggs or a little old woman. You can only get out of a movement program by what you put in by your daily lifestyle, choices and habits.  Having a proper evaluation of the bodies systems will show your areas of weakness and strength. Clients predominantly enquire to me [...]

In the way or on the way?

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“I can’t do that because XXXX will happen". These beliefs will prevent you from taking action. Every decision that we make comes from our Amygdala (Amygdala is the integrative centre for emotions, emotional behaviour, and motivation. The amygdala is commonly thought to form the core of a neural system for processing fearful and threatening stimuli).  Our [...]

A life of inspiration rather than desperation – Part 1

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As we enter 2023 once again it is that annual moment were your past and future arrows meet in time. A time to question your life, your habits, your core values, your choices, your relationships with the self and others. We make endless New year resolutions, only to fade away a few days, weeks or [...]

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