An event is just an event

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There is a technique I learnt form Byron Katy. When something goes wrong or something happens out of our control, our mind will go to the lowest level of training. That is usually scarcity, fear, anger, guilt, blame and negativity. However if we upgrade our skill set, when something  happens which is unexpected in life, [...]

Back to the old normal or forward to new opportunities…….

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Our goals and dreams have changed for many of us since Covid 19. You may of changed your environment, got that fitted kitchen or bathroom, bought a new house or car, changed your child's school, reaccessed your relationships, decide to lose weight, gave up smoking or drinking, started a new hobby or sport and the [...]

The love diet

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Be a vehicle for adding value to people’s lives. Relationships will either highlight or magnify emotions. We value what we do highly. For example, being out of shape shows the value system is not high enough to be in shape. We expect everyone to have the same values as us. We often get the opposite [...]

Breaking the habit of being yourself

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Dr Joe Dispenza has a called book ‘Breaking the habit of being yourself’. If you want to change you need to feed yourself a different diet, do something different. Nothing changes till you change. I have to train myself to do something different. Thoughts and actions only become easy when you drill them in enough. [...]

Knowing that if you lose, you are not the loser!

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When something happens how do you feel and react?  Now have a deep think about it - how do you really want to feel and react? And finally, what are you willing to do to change the way you feel?  Here are 4 helpful tips to help you change the way you feel: Stop arguing [...]

Garbage in vs Garbage out – What you do to the body, you do to the brain

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Functional medicine, including Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, promotes lifestyle medicine as the foundations of health. And what’s the bottom line? We can improve our life by making better choices. For example after eating, rather than crashing out on the sofa or going to sleep, we should go for a walk.  Walking after food significantly lowers the [...]

England FC do Pilates

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If you thought pilates was just for women think again. Professional athletes have been using pilates, yoga and apparatus for years as part of their rehabilitation and pre-habilitation program. My first professional rugby league team was the ‘Saints’ (St.Helens) back in 1997. The strength and conditioning coach was Nigel Ashley Jones who had arrived from [...]

A studio of equality

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I am delighted and proud that my actions in the last 30 years of teaching supports equality, union and non-judgment.  Both studios follow the 2010 discrimination act. If you pop by you will find clients with all sorts of conditions, diseases and beliefs.  When we do Pilates, we become one. As the world becomes more [...]

Input v output

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Creating lasting change is hard. The truth is anybody can establish a habit or make changes for 3, 6 or 12 months but continuing them long term can be a struggle. Creating change depends on our behaviour, it’s not what we say it’s what we do. Talk is cheap, things only occur when we take [...]

Why pay more for Pilates apparatus???

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How much is your health worth to you?  The movement methodology of equipment-based Pilates is not one that can easily afford to be discounted. There are very few uniquely accredited movement systems in Pilates (classical, contemporary or hybrid) that are respected and applauded in the Pilates community.  These methods require intense training programs with a [...]

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