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Why most lower back pain problems have no known cause!

According to NICE (National Institute for health and Care Excellence) FEB 2022: Low back pain is common [Palmer et al, 2000; National Collaborating Centre for Primary Care, 2009; Campbell and Colvin, 2013]: Up to 60% of the adult population can expect to have low back pain at some time in their life. A UK population-based cross-sectional study of [...]

You can make an impact!

Over the summer I have not closed my studio for holidays, like many others have. I have been constantly running rehab, one to one or semi private sessions. I've had a variety of clients ranging from sports performance to chronic pain. It can be isolating working alone or not having a peer group moving in [...]

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The secret to coping with our emotions.

Why is it that we feel happy, inspired, excited and enthusiastic yet other times we feel angry, jealous, sad, overwhelmed and depressed??? We are all too quick to blame someone or something for the way we feel in life. As soon as we say: “I feel”, we give our power away. Easier said than done, [...]

“It’s not what happens on the outside of you, it’s what happens on the inside of you that determines the quality of your life”.

I have many new enquiries from clients and want to be teachers recently. You may be suffering from back pain, want to lose weight, give up smoking, stop drinking, leave a relationship (personal or work), start a new career or stop suffering from emotional/mental health issues. Well this is thing; if what you are doing [...]

Going beyond average…..

This is for all the marketing agencies, manual and movement therapists that keep contacting me on how to build a profit making Pilates business. Well I have to tell you the truth. No business is plain sailing, we should expect ups and downs, like life. The media is full of fear and scaremongering, there is [...]

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“We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are”. Anais Nin.

This is related to the idea that each person who sees a thing will see it filtered through their own perceptions. So none of us really see any situation objectively. This is known as confirmation bias. Each person sees life with their own beliefs, preconceptions, interpretation, and attitude. It means that the way we see [...]

The good, bad and ugly……..

Reading all my reviews you would think I have 100% positive results. Well this is the truth. NOT EVERYONE GETS AMAZING RESULTS when they join my Pilates, teaching programmes and chronic pain programs. Why? Well, not everyone does the work, or is prepared to look at different narratives. We tend to do what we have [...]

Do negative, friends, relatives, partners, boss, work colleagues actually exist???

Did you know that we spend and waste too much time and energy on other people? Their behaviour, their actions, their words, thoughts and deeds. So this is really IMPORTANT. I am not excusing people’s behaviour here or accepting it. However people's behaviour is reflection of where they are, what they are, and how they [...]

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FREE ONLINE PILATES this week for everyone with hair or no hair.

BREAKING NEWS – PRESS RELEASE. Following on from UK Cineworld: 'Free movies for redheads during the heatwave’. Nisha Srivastava Pilates studio owner has decided to offer everyone no matter what their hair colour, hair status (wig, no hair), belief system, sexuality, religion and medical status, Free Online Pilates during the heatwave this week. Nisha has [...]

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 5 reasons we need different perspectives on life

I have just returned from a mind-blowing weekend in London of Shiva Rae and Paul Mort. Quite contrasting people from opposite sides of the world, both working in different ways with different tools to enrich and empower the people in front of them so they can enrich others. If you don’t know these people here [...]

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