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The low down on ‘Back Pain’

"Yikes - I have back pain ! " As a movement practitioner the most common reasons that clients will come and see me is probably the words ‘BACK PAIN’. About 80 percent of adults experience lower back pain at some point in their lives. But what actually is back pain? Pain in my experience is [...]

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Not Victoria Secret

Not Victoria Secret As the hype continues after the recent catwalk shows, the Victoria secret angels have been doing Pilates Reformer, Yoga and Barre to stay in shape. But can doing these  pastimes really give you the catwalk body that you may desire ?  As i embark on another cadaver study this week, this re-affirms the [...]

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“I can’t tilt my pelvis ” – Pelvic tilt

Why is it that some of us are able to tilt the pelvis and some of us cannot? I have seen this time and time again in seated forward bend asanas, GYROTONIC handle unit, and Pilates variations of the roll down and roll up. We are forever being sold solutions to gain flexibility in our [...]

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Correct posture & the RC factor

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity"- World Health Organisation. We are all busy bees , rushing round from A to B and harnessing the monkey mind. Everyone you meet is busy, busy, busy and as a result of moving faster [...]

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Abdominal Tone & Breathing Most of the population are manipulated by media images of perfect abdominal tone. Fitness gimmicks show us tight abdominals that look aesthetically desirable. We therefore have a nation of people who go around holding their tummy constantly tight, this causes breathing dysfunctions and has long term negative affects on the body. Our abdominals are [...]

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Naughty Knees in Alignment

The Oxford dictionary tells us that Alignment is "Arrangement in a straight line or in correct relative positions", but is this technically possible in our body, never mind our lower extremity. We know from looking at the axis and levers at school that we require equal balance, a bit like a see saw effect. When we [...]

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How our childhood will affect our spines as Adults

The Human Spine is different from other mammals as it exhibits both primary and secondary curves. The primary curves are Hypnotic and Sacral, the secondary are in the lumbar and cervical. Continue reading “How our childhood will affect our spines as Adults” »

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